Turbobit Premium Account

Finding a reputable file hosting provider can definitely be helpful, especially if you’re in a business, or you simply have the habit of storing large amounts of files. Although you can store them on your computer or in a hard drive, time will come that you wouldn’t have enough storage space. You’ll either have to buy a new or one delete some old ones. This is where TurboBit premium account can help. You’ll be able to upload files whenever you want. Aside from that, there’s no registration required either. You’ll also be able to upload fast upload speed, unlike with a free account where it’s somewhat slow and there’s a file size limit.upgrade to Turbo


Just like what has been mentioned earlier, TurboBit is a file storage provider where you’ll get links after uploading your files, allowing you to easily share it with family, friends, workmates. Resuming broken downloads is also possible, even with a free account. There’s also an uploader that would let you manage several functions, and this is something that could definitely be helpful to uploaders.

turbobit speed Premium Account Features

  • Maximum download speed can be enjoyed
  • Files are immediately ready for download once uploaded
  • No downloading ads
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Support for download-continued
  • File management
  • Download managers
  • Wide selection of payment options to choose from.
  • Creating a free account is possible. No need to register.
  • The download speed for a free account is quite slow.

Costs and payment methods

turbobit premium benefits
As compared to other storage providers, this one is definitely affordable. As a matter of fact, they even offer free uploads and downloads. You can also use it without having to register, but do note that for a free account, your speed would be restricted and the files can’t be used with the File Management Tool. For better access, it’s highly advisable to sign up for a Turbo User account. Although a turbobit turbo will cost you a few dollars, rest assured that it’s justifiable. You can even choose for a monthly plan of $9.95 a month or 89.95 contract. They also offer various payment channels, like Paypal, TurboBit SMS, Webmoney, etc.


TurboBit makes it a point that their clients would be well-protected. That’s why they’re utilizing techniques proven to help in securing sensitive information. They also have SSL connection that prevents unauthorized data transfer, and their terms of use clearly explain how they protect the users. As for the payment options, the company uses external providers.


Ease of use plays a very important role in file upload. With TurboBit, all you have to do is drag and drop the file in the corresponding field and it would be ready for download. Users also have the option of uploading multiple files with the use of TurboBit’s own uploader. As for unregistered users, they have a limit of 200MB, while 100GB is supported. For website owners, they can also take advantage of the reseller program where they can earn by simply using and promoting the uploader.

Getting Money Through TurboBit Turbo

Not only is it useful for uploading files, you can also earn through it. You can be an affiliate of TurboBit and every time someone purchases the program, you’ll be able to earn from it.

There’s also the “Own File Sharing System” feature that allows you to create your own free data hosting website and enjoy a revenue cut from all premium accesses. To be more detailed, users who apply for this would enjoy 10% revenue from the money earned through the sales, as you’ll be the first-tier referral.

Help and Support

Unfortunately, the support offered by TurboBit is quite limited. This isn’t really a big deal, considering the fact that most file servers are the same. No way to call their support. Instead, you’ll have to request for an ICQ number and you can contact them during weekdays. There’s also a FAQs section to guide you, and it’s available in English and Russian. Aside from that, they also have a support ticket from where you can write, and your case will be reviewed.

Final Words

Among the many advantages TurbiBit, one of the most notable ones is the fact that you can easily upload smaller files without much issues at all. Anyone can access these files as long as they have the link, and if they don’t, rest assured that they wouldn’t see what you have uploaded.

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