Katfile.com Premium Account Review

By | June 8, 2020

Cloud storage providers are known to be very helpful not only for individuals who want to back up their files, but to business owners who want to ensure that their valuable information will always be readily available. Finding the best cloud storage tool isn’t as easy as it may sound– there are a lot of things to consider, such as the features, cost, and space. That’s why we’re here to help. We’re going to review one of the best file hosting providers– KatFile, and help you determine if it’s something worth considering or not.

What is Katfile.com?

KatFile is a file hosting provider that offers online storage, and they also have remote backup capacity, as well as downloading and uploading tools that are highly secured. This gives you the assurance that through KatFile.com, you’ll be able to host images, files, audio, video, and the like all in one place.

This is ideal, especially for those who have to send files that are too large for an e-mail. Likewise, it’s also known for its highly secured remote storage capacity for the off-site backups to ensure that none of the data would be compromised. You’ll be able to access these data through a computer, or even with your smartphone device as long as you have an access to the Internet No need to carry a flash drive anymore.

Katfile.com Premium Account Benefits

katfile compared

katfile speed

Although KatFile can be used for free, they also offer a premium account. You can either opt for 30 days, 90 days, 365 days or a lifetime plan. The difference between a free account is that, with a premium one, there’s no download speed limits, queues for file download, up to 20 gigabytes of storage, ease of use, no ads, and best of all, you can enjoy simultaneous download.

  • High speed downloads
  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • Download without delay
  • No captcha
  • 1-click download
  • No download timeout
  • Download any files
  • Upload files up to 20 GB
  • Files kept on server for one year

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Costs And Payment options

katfile safe

Your purchase is 100% safe. All transactions are secure and encrypted.

To be accepted:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Paypal
  • Btccoin
  • Btccash
  • Alipay
  • Reseller

Types of Files You Can Upload

It doesn’t matter what type of file you want to upload, rest assured that whatever it is, you can upload it in KatFile.com– this could range from important documents, to family photos. The only restriction here is that, you’re not allowed to upload sexual images, pornography, nudity, and of course, copyright material.

Then, if you wish to delete the files you have previously uploaded, you are free to do so. Deleting a file is quite simple. All you have to do is obtaining the delete link which you’ll get after uploading a file. In case that you have accidentally lost your removal link, you can simply wait for the file to expire, and it would be automatically removed from KatFile.


Rest assured that the files you are going to upload would be fully secured. KatFile went to great lengths to ensure that the intellectual property of the users remains safe, and this is something you can expect from a file hosting provider that offers services to businesses. KatFile uses the approach of utilizing TLS protocol as a way to protect the data being transferred from a device into their cloud storage. This is better known as “in-transit” encryption wherein your data are encrypted while at rest. This protects your data from those who are eavesdropping online, as well as possible data breaches.

Key wrapping is also used by KatFile, which means that aside from the contents being encrypted, you’ll also have the encryption key.


Despite its remarkable features, just like any file hosting provider, even KatFile.com has its own disadvantage. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search the files other people uploaded. This can also be beneficial to those who want to keep their files private. Basically, you can use KatFile to share information with a limited number of people, or simply set it to private as a way of backing up your files and documents.

Customer Support

In case you’re having issues with your account, or find it hard to navigate, you can simply contact their support, and you’ll have the assurance that you’ll be guided accordingly. Likewise, their FAQs section also has most of the important information and questions new users often have to deal with.

Final Words

Overall, KatFile.com is perfect for those who are looking for a file hosting provider that offers a free account, as well as a katfile premium account for those who want to enjoy more features, and ensure that the files would be fully protected even when it has been uploaded in the Internet.

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