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With the Internet, we’ve become open to the world of endless possibilities, and that includes file sharing. Now, it has been possible to upload, download, and share files all over the globe. It doesn’t matter if it’s for personal use, or for business purposes, rest assured that your recipient would be able to access the file right when they need it. One of the best file sharing services is and here’s what you can expect from them.

What is

For those who are not familiar with FileJoker, it’s one of the few reliable file sharing providers where you can share, store, and distribute your files. Due to the fact that their servers are running at several gigabytes of connection links, rest assured that you’ll only be getting fast file distribution services. That’s the goal of FileJoker.

Product Details

Although the majority of file hosters today tries to be as simple as possible, the problem is, not all of them are something you can trust. As a matter of fact, a few are even facing media scandals, threats, and the like. FileJoker is different.

As you enter the domain, you’ll be welcomed by a modern website that offers vital information about the service they offer. As for using the service, although you can definitely use it for free, a lot would suggest getting a FileJoker premium account instead, and as you continue reading this review, you’ll find out why.

Benefits of Getting a FileJoker Account

The Enrollment Process Is Very Easy and Straightforward.In order to register for a FileJoker account, you’ll have to choose your preferred mode of payment, and this is only important if you’re thinking of switching from a free account, to a premium account. Don’t worry, your information would be safe as during the enrollment process, they only ask for the email address, and of course, you have to create a password as well.


Similar to other file sharing services, you can upload files either through FTP, remote, or web upload. However, it’s highly suggested to use FTP as this method is highly preferred by a lot of users. Furthermore, unlike any other file hosters out there, FileJoker doesn’t really differentiate between downloaded and uploaded files. That means it prevents users from uploading a file that cannot be accessed by another user that has the same account type.

Why Get a FileJoker Premium Account

Download option:Free UserPremium User
Download speed:SlowMaximum
Maximum number of simultaneous downloads:1Unlimited
Direct download link:NoYes
No downloads delay:90 secondsNo waiting time
No downloads captcha:NoYes
Support for resumed downloads:NoYes
Support for download managers:NoYes
No Advertisements:NoYes
Maximum file size for download:5 GBUnlimited
Storage Volume50 GBUnlimited

Downloading Priority – Premium account users can take advantage of faster download and upload speeds, allowing them to save time. Unlike with a free account, where there’s a bandwidth.

Parallel Downloading – For those who are using for free, they are only allowed to download one file at a time. On the other hand, by being a premium account holder, you’ll have the advantage of downloading multiple files all at once. Not just that, you are also allowed to use download accelerators allowing you to enjoy much faster downloads.

Download Interrupted Files – By having a premium account, you’ll have the advantage of being able to enjoy uninterrupted files instead of facing the dread of having to endure a longer duration.


30 days90 days180 days365 days

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After settling the one-time payment, your account would be activated, and it’s important that you renew your account whenever necessary. Price range from $15 which is good for 30 days, to a $90 plan that would get you covered for a year. They also offer $35 plan for 90 days and $60 for 180 days. Rest assured that these prices are fixed and doesn’t change. Instead, there are times that you’ll even get a discount.

Payment Options

Due to the fact that FileJoker prioritizes the security of their clients, their payment channels are 100% secure. For instance, there’s a selected list of secure credit cards, such as VISA, and of course, traditional bank transfer. You can also pay using BitCoin, and you’ll even get a small bonus for doing so. They also accept Altcoins, which is similar to Bitcoin, and lastly, SMS payment can also be made.

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Refund Policy

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Final Words

Indeed, is really promising. They deliver fast and high quality service to their clients with a main goal of improving overall user experience, while letting them enjoy a number of benefits. As you get a premium model, you’ll be able to enjoy more of its remarkable features, which covers both financial and time considerations.
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