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Till date, one of the handiest technological advances is cloud storage. This advance allows us to upload your important files online. Cloud storage marks the end to those days flash drives, or any other means of physical storage have to tag along every time, since no ones when they will come in handy.

Now, all you need to do is uploading your files, and they will be available online anytime you need them. Plus, it helps make sharing these files with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. simple and hassle-free. One of the most popular cloud storage providers is FileBoom, and we will be discussing what exactly they offer.

As said earlier, immediately you open an account with you are allowed to use their service for free. However, do remember that there are some limitations, such as limited download speed.

The advantages of a Premium Account with

Account TypeFree UserPremium User
Download speed30kb/sMaximum
Maximum number of simultaneous downloads1Unlimited
Download quota1 file per one hour20 GB per day
Direct/hot download linkNot availableAvailable
Downloads start immediatelyNoYes
Downloads captchaYesNo
Support for resumed downloadsNoYes
Support for download managersNoYes
File Size Limit500 Mb5 GB
Wait before download30 secondsNo

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A premium account offers an incredible amount of benefits, which makes using cloud storage not only enjoyable but also easier. For one, the bunch of extra features that standard accounts lack, and this includes priority supports, unlimited download speed and much more.

  • A free account is only recommended when you have small files to download, as it comes with slow download speed. But, for those looking to download large data upgrading to the premium account is more than necessary.
  • While free account users have to wait about 30 seconds before downloading their files, premium users get started instantly without any delay.
  • A free account is not permitted to use a third-party download accelerator to boost their download speed. On the other hand, premium users can make use of any third-party accelerator to ensure large files are downloaded as fast as possible.
  • FileBoom free users can only store their crucial files for about 30 days, which might work well for some users. However, if need more than 30 days storage duration, you can only purchase one of the premium plans to enjoy 90 days storage duration.
  • This one of the additional features only seen in premium accounts. Standard users have to restart their download every time it gets interrupted. But with a premium account, you don’t have to start all over again; all you have to do resume from where it got interrupted.
  • For people looking to make use of cloud storage service for small-size files such as documents, standard accounts may be ideal, since it comes with 500 MB upload space. Premium users enjoy more, as they are allowed to upload files up to 5 GB, which should be more than enough to store your data.
  • Here’s another reason to upgrade your account to enjoy this feature. Fileboom Premium account users can download multiple files at the same time without any challenges, while free accounts have to download their files one after the other with 30 seconds delay each time. This extra feature does not only help save time but also stress.
  • Download speed
  • Instant start
  • Download accelerator
  • File storage duration
  • Resumable downloads
  • Max file size
  • Simultaneous download

Premium Pricing Plans offer four incredible pricing plans which help ensure everyone can benefit from their reliable and top-notch cloud storage services.

3 days30 days90 days365 days
$2.32 per day$0.56 per day$0.47 per day$0.31 per day

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Recurring payment is only for 3, 30 and 90 days.

Refund Policy

The provider offers a refund, which differs from case to case, and not later than 24 hours from the time of purchase. Also, FileBoom does not provide partial, but full refunds.

Further, to get a refund or cancel your subscription, all you have to do his contact FileBoom via Feedback.

Payment Methods is very flexible and offers a wide range of payment options, such as:

  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Yandex
  • Webmoney
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Vouchers
  • and many more.

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What is

fileboom interface

For the past couple of years, FileBoom has proven to be worthy of being one of the best cloud storage providers out there. This file hosting provider is designed to provide a solution to most users file sharing needs. Thus, has been labeled as one of the most reliable cloud storage website capable of offering accelerated download and upload times, as well as a friendly user interface.

How to Use

Creating an account with Fboom is reasonably easy and fast. It does not require providing any sensitive information; all you need to provide to have an account with them is your email address. After you are done creating your account, which makes you a free user with several limitations, it’s advised to check out fileboom premium pricing plans to upgrade your account to enjoy many premium benefits. Also, uploading your important files do not come any more straightforward, as you just have to click the “upload” icon to get started.

Downloading and Uploading Options

The best part about using is that you can easily upload your data using any web browser or via a remote via FTP or HTTP. The download is not different for all files, but remember that some exceptions exist like video files, which is often better to stream them than having to download them. Also, you can take advantage of the third-party download managers for super fast download speed. And, some of them are absolutely free.

Customer Support

In an event you need some help, you can always get the aid you need in their help center, which is not different from a FAQs section. There, you will find lots of common questions alongside their answers. However, if this does not provide the solution you are looking for, you can send them an email to [email protected] or

FileBoom Premium Account Review – Final Thought

Obviously, if you need a more secure and bigger space to store all your important date, then you should consider using It has nearly unlimited storage, with a reliable and fast service. In short: this provider offers one the most reliable and finest file hosting service out there.
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