Yes, there are lots of File hosting service providers out there, but not all of them are created the same when it comes to reliability, affordability, security, compatibility, and lots more.

Having spent several days on reviewing some of these File hosting service providers, we were able to come up with a comprehensive list of the top-performing providers, and this is what this article is all about.

These are the best File hosting services of 2019:


Keep2Share Reseller PayPal is one of the leading file hosting website where users are allowed to download files uploaded on their servers. This file hosting site is more than popular as it has its link scattered across the internet, ranging from online forums, blogs, websites, and other websites that deal in file-sharing.

Having said that, Keep2Share has generated lots of premium users due to its quality services; high-speed downloads, captcha-free contents, but to mention a few.

If you are looking for a website to upload large files online for public sharing, then Keep2Share is your best bet. The website allows you to upload any type of document; be it pictures, videos, files, music, software, games, etc. and you will get a download link immediately the document has been successfully uploaded. You can then share this link with other people so that they can gain access to the uploaded document and download on their various devices. is fully loaded with various file types, including pictures, videos, files, music, software, games, etc. however, for you to download significant amount of files on KeepShare, you have to upgrade to a premium account which will give you access to all the premium features.

Uploading your desired document on Keep2share is pretty simple; all you need do is to visit the site, navigate to the Upload page, upload your file, and copy the download link given to you after the upload. You can then proceed to share the links with other people so as to download the uploaded content. offers both Free and Premium account, but if you want the best experience you may need to go for the premium membership because of the benefit it provides, ranging from excellent download speeds, uninterrupted download, limitless download, undelayed download, higher upload size [2GB – 5GB], extended bandwidth [up to 20GB daily], long-term storage [up to 180 days],

To get a Keep2share Premium Account, you only need to visit their official website, upgrade to a premium account, and gain premium access. The good news is that Keep2share accepts payment from various payment platforms, including your regular credit card, debit card, and webmoney.

Note: Keep2share also offers Lifetime plans, so you can subscribe to this if you intend to enjoy their quality services for countless number of years.

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KatFile is yet another renowned file hosting provider that provides its users with online storage services. Not that alone, they also have an array of secure downloading and uploading tools for better user experience. This simply means that users will be able to upload their files [music, videos, documents, software, themes, etc.] without any fear of losing them overnight.

KatFile uses several security measures so as to ensure that all its remote storage capacity is well secured so as to prevent against data breach or sudden attack. That beings said, you can access your files on KatFile using any of your browsing devices, including your laptop, desktop, and smartphone, without having to carry an external storage with you.

On the plus side, KatFile allows virtually all file types, but you are restricted from posting contents related to pornography, nudity, as well as copyright material. Perhaps there’s strong need for you to delete some of your contents on KatFile, the process is pretty simple; you only need to revisit the delete link given to you during the time of upload and delete the file or better still if you can’t find the link again, you can simmer down for the file to reach expiry and it would be automatically jettisoned from KatFile server.

Just like many other file hosting providers, KatFile offers both Free and Premium account options, meaning you can decide to use it as a free member or upgrade to a premium account so as to gain access to all the premium benefits offered on the website. You can choose from any of their plans, ranging from 30 days, 90 days, 365 days or a lifetime plan. What differentiates the free account from the premium is that you can operate your account on a full fledge i.e you will not be hooked with download speed limits, unnecessary download timeout, limited storage, annoying captcha, unsolicited ads, non-simultaneous download, and lots more.

To subscribe to any of the plans offered by KatFile, you can pay using various payment methods, including Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bitcoin, Alipay, among others.

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Alfafile is a Scotland-based cloud storage service provider which is well known for its top-notch file hosting services; excellent speeds and robust security.

Provided the file is not go against their terms of service, there is no file type you cannot upload on Alfafile, be it music, videos, software, themes, pictures, and lots more. The uploading process on Alfafile is more than simple as they maintain a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web platform which will facilitate the upload session. When you are through uploading your file, you will be given a download link, which you can share with other people to download the specific content therein.

There are only two major account type offered by Alfafile, which are Free, and Premium accounts. With the Alfafile premium account, you will be able to enjoy all the premium benefits offered at the cloud storage service provider, ranging from excellent download speeds, multiple parallel downloads, extended content expiry, unrestricted downloads, maximum uptime, download accelerators, resumable downloads, higher download and upload file size, but to mention a few.

To subscribe to any plan on Alfafile, you only need to visit their website, and you will see more details about their plans as well as pricing. The biggest news is that you can pay for the subscription using any of these Payment options – VISA, Bitcoin, Local payment, etc. It will also please you to know that your purchase is optimally safe as they secure and encrypt each transaction.

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The list of the best file hosting websites would be too shallow if it fails to feature the king itself – This cloud storage service provider has been around for several years now and they are never relenting when it comes to quality and secure online storage services.

Wdupload provides its users with the ample opportunity to upload, share, and manage their individual files stored in its database. Each user can also access their account with any device and from any part of the world – as long as they are connected to the internet.

Simply put, Wdupload is serves as an “Internet” hard drive where users are allowed to upload, store, and manage their files right in the cloud storage. Part of the things which sets Wdupload above many other file hosting service providers include its easy-to-use web interface which allows users to upload their files effortlessly and without having to wait for a very long time – Wdupload is just too secure and easy to use!

The benefit of using Wdupload is that you no longer need to worry about missing or corrupted files that may occur when using a regular computer; since all your files are stored in the cloud, they are more than safe there and you can easily access them from any part of the world.

Want to start using Wdupload? They offer two major plans, which include Free and Premium accounts. When you go premium, you will get a massive storage space, limitless download speed, captcha-free downloads, unlimited bandwidth, but to mention a few. That being said, Wdupload accepts different payment methods, including the popular ones like MasterCard, Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa, Trustpay, Yandex money, Webmoney, and lots more.

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5. TAKEFILE.LINK is a top file hosting provider with huge customer base. The file hosting firm deal in online storage/remote backup capacity and they render their services professionally, using some best-in-class tools.

If you are looking for a good file hosting site to upload your files, including images, videos, flash, audio, etc., look nowhere else for is all you need. With, you no longer have to clog your computer with excess files as this file hosting site allows you to upload your desired file types in its cloud storage. Remember, when there are only a few files on your regular computer, it tends to perform even faster and better, leading to more productivity for you!

There are lots of reasons to consider having an account with, ranging from its reliability, military-grade security, cross-platform accessibility, excellent uptime, and lots more. Fortunately, charges a relatively price on their plans and you can pay using credit card, bank transfer, and many more. Some of the things you stand to gain after subscribing include unlimited download speed, ads-free downloads, resumable downloads, simultaneous download, undelayed download, extreme download speeds, but to mention a few.

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