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Why my keep2share account was banned

Keep2Share account blocked is a problem that many people will encounter. It is especially important to understand the reasons for blocking and to unblock the account accordingly. Reason for being banned: First of all, do you share your account with your friends? Keep2share is not allowed to share or rent accounts. Frequent changes in ip …

New Keep2share option for more SEO Traffic and Sales

As you know K2S video files apart downloaded, can also be watched online. We recommend to integrate the video player to your web site for generating more Premium PRO sales. How it will help you: 1. More search traffic (our test showed, all websites who added video player, received more paying CEO traffic) 2. Your … News and May Promo Announcement

Filejoker are excited to announce their May Promo! For the whole month of May you get $10 per 1000 downloads! All traffic from all countries is counted! They have also added a lot of payment options and did quite a few improvements which resulted in an even more impressive conversion ratio. An interesting new feature …